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I have started working a new document review job.  On a document review job you basically spend all day sitting at a computer looking at electronically scanned documents and tagging whether they are responsive to a particular discovery request and whether the document should be privileged.  My first document review job was the one I did from July to September.  Having experience doing document review from that job and using a particular type of document review software allowed me to land this job.  I’m hoping that it will be easier for me to land future document review jobs in the future as I gain more experience.

Many people don’t like working document review jobs since it can be boring sitting at a computer looking at documents all day.  I actually mostly like doing document review.   I get to work pretty much autonomously and only have a minimal need to interact with other people.  For the most part I’m just looking at the computer all day.  Also, I can listen to music or podcasts on my phone which keeps the work from getting too boring.

The work schedule is another thing I like about the job.  The office is open 12 or more hours a day and as long as you get at least 40 hours in during the week it doesn’t matter what hours you work.  Since I’m not much of a morning person I usually arrive a little later in the morning and leave a little later at night.

The job I’m currently working is allowing people to work as many hours as they want.  There is no overtime for working over 40 hours in a week, but more hours is still more money so I’m working more than 40 hours.  I only managed 42.5 hours this week, but I plan to work more hours for the rest of the project.  Since the job is temporary I might as well make money while I can.  Plus, if I work a few extra hours at work I don’t feel as bad about being lazy when I get home.

I’m not sure how the paydays for this job will fall, but I’m hoping that I’ll get a couple of checks this month so I’ll have a shot at meeting my goal of saving 50% of my income for the year.  Since I’m concentrating on working my job blog posts will continue to be sporadic.  My plan for now is to do my blogging on the weekend and just worry about working my job during the week.

Have you ever had a job that allowed you to work as many hours as you want?  How many hours did you work?


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  1. I like the idea of a job where you don’t have to interact much with people. 🙂 Seems like they could offer this as a home-based position without much effort. Is that ever an option?

    Right after I graduated high school I was an assistant manager for a fast food chain. It was growing like crazy and if you were willing, you could just about work as much as you desired. I was paid overtime until they hired a new President who moved us all to salary, which defeated the purpose of ever working more than the 50 hours they required of me.

    • It could be done at home, but they don’t offer that option. I think a work at home option is very rarely offered.

      Being on salary there would be no motivation to work overtime.

  2. Sounds like a nice flexible job, other than the potential for boredom. Making a little cash if you want to work a little longer is great! Most salaried jobs you work, you never know if you’ll get rewarded for longer hours or hard work. So much depends on company-wide performance and a huge business unit “making their numbers”. Your effort as an individual contributor might not matter.

    I’ve never done doc review (in spite of being a member of the bar) but I suppose that is something I could always do on a temporary basis if I needed some extra cashola during my early retirement.

  3. I came close to one like that but it required you to scan. I had a mental melt down at the time (not because of the job) and got fired. The only thing I’ve found recently is a call center position. I have to speak to people all day and I’ve aged years in three months.


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