Blogging and Traveling

I’m leaving tomorrow for another hike.  The hike will last somewhere between a few days and a month.  It depends on whether I feel like hiking the entire trail.  I’ll give more details about my hike in a later post.

Usually, when I go hiking or am otherwise traveling I just let the blogging slide.  This time around, since I am taking my car and should have access to the internet and a reasonable amount of free time everyday I plan to continue blogging.  I’m hoping that I will be able to do more writing than I normally do.  Now that I’m no longer working I have plenty of time to write, but I’m very good at finding other things to do besides write.  Even though I like writing I often end up doing everything else first and leave writing last.  I’m going to try to change that habit while I’m on this hike.  I know there are a lot of traveling bloggers so I know it is possible to travel and blog at the same time.  I like to think that I could one day be a traveling blogger.  If I can’t write regularly when I’m away from home though then being a traveling blogger isn’t going to happen.

There shouldn’t be a need to update this post.  If you see new posts coming out three times a week or so then you will know that I’m meeting my goal of blogging while traveling.   If it seems like I have just disappeared from the blog then you will know I haven’t managed to blog while traveling.



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  1. I always feel conflicted when I am on vacation. I don’t want to let things slide, but I am on vacation. Some day I will figure out the right balance between nothing and the usual effort.


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