May Income – $1650.63

Here is a breakdown of my income for May.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Cash Back


Sell Stuff


Mystery Shopping




My online income is still down but I’m hoping it has plateaued.  Luckily I have some passive and alternative streams of income to help make up for the reduced online income.  I was able to sell quite a bit of stuff in May.  I still have lots of stuff to sell but haven’t gotten around to trying to sell anything this month but I plan to get some stuff listed for sale later this week.  I was also able to make a little from mystery shopping.  I only include my fees as income.  I don’t count the reimbursements for food, gas, movie tickets, etc. , but getting those things for free does save me some money.  I also made quite a bit in cash back but that was just a fluke of hitting the redemption levels on a couple of my credit cards and receiving some promo bonuses from Ebates.   I also received some cash back from Mr. Rebates for referring other users.  So the cash back isn’t all from my spending.   I’m guessing my income for June will be about the same as long as I’m able to sell a few things the last couple weeks of the month.

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    • Marissa, that’s what they pay you for. But, you might look into exit surveys. They pay better and they write up is much less. Email me and I’ll tell you who to see.

    • Some shops require more than others. You just have to decide which ones are worth your time. There are a lot of shops I don’t do because they pay isn’t enough for the work and time involved.

      • Some shops are just ridiculously low amounts it’s almost laughable. Actually, very laughable. If I have to drive anywhere, I’m not going to waste time on anything under $15..

  1. Seems you’ve got a nice mix of income sources, important in case one of them takes a hit, so good for you. I know you’re ‘on the road’ these days, but are you considering any part-time, seasonal employment? I saw in ad yesterday in our local paper for people to work at a u-pick strawberry farm. Cashiers, etc. Could be fun, outdoor work for a few weeks and earn a little cash.

  2. Google’s algo changes have really hit a lot of people hard, even very high quality websites. It’s crazy, but I’m sure things will get corrected over time. will definitely survive in the long-term =)


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