Online Income Report – September 2011

Here is a breakdown of my online income for September 2011.

Google Adsense – $260.87

Affiliate Income – $503.50

Brokered Ads – $58.25

Direct Ads- $2650.25

Total – $3472.89

September was a record month for income.  The direct ad deals kept coming in September and they haven’t shown any signs of letting up so far this month.  I was happy that I made over $500 in affiliate income for the month as well.  I’d like to get that up to $1000 a month in order to not be so dependent on direct ad deals.  That isn’t easy to do and I don’t have a strategy for doing that yet.  I have added VigLinks to a couple of my sites and that has produced some modest returns.  I’m going to add VigLinks to a couple more sites and allow link insertion and see if that ramps up my earnings there.  I’ll keep VigLinks even if the income remains modest since it extra money without any work once it is installed.  I’m also adding another site to my direct advertising inventory.  My goal for October is to make $3500 in online income since I made almost that much last month it should be an achievable goal.

14 thoughts on “Online Income Report – September 2011”

  1. Way to go, Andy! I have yet to get that far in any one month, but am working on it. Maybe you can share some of your ideas and tactics that got you there in upcoming posts. Thanks for the info about VigLinks. Think I’ll try them out. Bob Miller

    • Right now I have three blogs and two sites that are making me money. I will be adding another site this month as part of the niche site duel and hopefully it will make money as well.


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