September Income – $3170.16

Here is a breakdown of my income for September.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Mystery Shops


Cash Back




Bank Bonuses




September was yet another good month for income.  My online income was well over $2000 again. I keep thinking this can’t last but I’m off to a good start this month.  It looks like my streak of $2000 months will likely extend another month.  Online income is by far my biggest source of income but I am somewhat diversified. I am making a little passive income from dividends and investments and I added some alternative income from bank bonuses.

This month we also received our first check for our offline business.  My wife has been working hard on this business and I think it is going to grow to be a major source of income for us.  I don’t plan on including the offline business in my income reports and I don’t include my wife’s income in the monthly income reports either.  I include our total expenses but only my income because that is how I prefer to do it but that does mean our total income is larger than what I report here.

I’ll be happy if I can come close to matching September’s income. And for those wondering what my sources of online income are I’ll have my monthly online income report posted in the next few days.

3 thoughts on “September Income – $3170.16”

  1. I think unless you are extremely gifted it is not an easy way to make money online.

    Nor it comes with the experience. There is many charming stories, how some people make hundreds and thousands of dollars, but it is really hard work.

    Like with the most the entertaining business, 1% gets it all, the rest – none. The only reason I am personally doing it, is to seek feedback and advice.

    But your income statements will be a great inspiration to others.

    This is a prime reason I am publishing only personal financial information and steps I take, instead of generalization.


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