September Expenses – $2421.86

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for September.



















Expenses in September were way higher than I prefer.  The household budget was high because there were $261.72 spent on gifts.  There were several birthdays in September.  We also spent a little money on clothing which we don’t do most months but it is necessary sometimes.  The transportation expense was the other big expense.  We had a $294.86 repair bill for getting our brakes fixed and some gaskets replaced.  There was also a $196.90 bill for getting a new windshield.  The windshield has had a couple of cracks for a few months and last month they started getting even bigger so we decided it was time to get the windshield replaced.  We also spent about $250 in gas, not counting the gas used for business.  All of these expenses should be lower in October although there will still be some gifts bought and car repairs made.

I’d really like to get our food bill under $300.  I think it is a reasonable goal and we can make it if I cut back on eating out.   All the other expenses should be roughly the same in October.  My goal for October is to get our expenses back under $2000 again.

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