Mystery Shopping Road Trip

My wife and I went on a mystery shopping road trip Wednesday.  This is a good way to increase your earnings from mystery shopping.  We did shops in some small towns that were 1-2 hours away from us.  Shops in little towns often go undone and the mystery shopping companies will give you nice bonuses to do them before the end of the month.  It isn’t cost effective to drive an hour or so each way for just one shop but by both of us going we were able to make the road trip worthwhile.  We did two bank shops and four fast-food shops.  The bank we shopped for only allows a shopper to do one shop a day but since there were two of us we were each able to pick up a nicely bonused shop in towns located close to each other.  At the end of the day we made about $150 and had received five free meals and only spent about $20 on gas.  Since we only actually worked a couple hours each I consider that a pretty good deal.

7 thoughts on “Mystery Shopping Road Trip”

  1. Sounds like You Had a Very Good Time I would love to Mistry shop. I have seen Mistry shoppers before it looks like a very good job that you could really enjoy. Thank you for sharing the story 🙂

  2. Hey Andy, maybe you wrote about it in another post, but I’m curious to hear how to find and sign-up for a good mystery shopping gig and how hard it is to get accepted.

    • I have posted about mystery shopping in general before. When people ask for advice on how to get started I usually point them to I do get a lot of readers that are interested in learning more about mystery shopping so I’m publishing an ebook about it next month.

  3. Sounds like you and your wife could make some good money and you had a great time together.
    When you work together, you can accomplish a great deal of things together.
    Keep it up, maybe by the end of the year you will be writing us and telling us that you and your wife has made lots of money doing your mystery shops together.


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