No TV and Productivity

Day 90 - Couch Potato
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I got rid of my TV before I went on my hike. Now that I have returned I’m going without a TV. You often read posts about all the things you could accomplish if you didn’t spend so much time watching television. So far I have used my extra time to surf the internet and read. And I have been watching DVDs (I watched the first season of “Dexter” last week which I really liked. I’ll have to watch the other seasons now.) on my laptop and TV shows on and other sites. You could say not having a TV has given me more time to watch television. Or should that be not having a television has given me more time to watch TV?

My point is (and I do have one) that if you are not getting things accomplished it probably isn’t just because you are watching too much TV. If I don’t waste time watching TV I waste it another way and I imagine that is true for a lot of people. My lack of productivity isn’t a matter of time it is a matter of motivation or you could call it a matter of laziness but I prefer to call it motivation. I am going to have to find something to get me motivated because there is a limit to how many hours of the day I can read and surf the internet.

Does anyone have any suggestions on getting motivated?

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  1. Let’s not forget the huge amount of savings that can be had by not paying for satellite/cable television. It’s easily a grand or more every year you save by not indulging in those services.

    As for being more motivated you have to decide what do you want to use your extra free time to do? Lose weight and exercise? Make extra side money? Practice a skill? Determine what you want to use your free time for first. Then write down how you will accomplish that.

    • I never had cable or satellite in the first place but now that I don’t have a TV I won’t be tempted to get those.

      Your guesses for what I would like to do with my free time are pretty accurate. I definitely want to exercise more and lose weight and make extra side money too.

  2. PLEASE give it time, Bubba-we have gone for 30 plus years without a tv,
    ours broke in 1978 and somehow we just never got it fixed. Usually this time of year we mostly hang out outside.
    At least we have the weed free-est yard in the neighborhood.

  3. I’m right there with you on this one. There are times when I can be the most motivated person on the planet. I get things done and I’m going all the time…GO GO GO!!! It drives my girlfriend crazy sometimes because I just don’t stop for a minute to relax. Other times, well…not so much. I can waste time with the best of them. That’s the point where I am currently. I have 3 major projects I need to get done for school and the deadline is looming. Problem is, it isn’t close enough to put the fear into me and I ignore my responsibilities. Bad form, and I know it!

    I have tried kicking the TV/Internet habit. Its hard as Hell! I didn’t know what to do with all of my spare time! There really is only so much a person is able to do on a regular, daily basis. I suppose I could be out there climbing mountains or some other activity but I think it might be a challenge to get out West and back home in time to make it to class!

    I have been keeping a workout routine and bust my ass in the gym for an hour a day. That makes me feel great. I wouldn’t say it motivates me to do anything productive but at least I’m not being a lazy bum the entire day! I wish I had a good answer for you on this one, and its a bit ironic coming from the guy who writes about motivation and accomplishing goals. Finding motivation is just something that needs to come from within. Usually I find mine in moments when I’m just sick and tired of the status quo of life. I’m sick of my pudgy belly…gym, eat healthy. I’m sick of seeing the dishes in the sink…do the dishes. I’m sick of this project hanging over me like a black cloud…I hammer it out and get it over with. That is how it works for me, in spurts and sputters. I can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time but sustaining that intensity is more than a little challenging.

    Good luck! Let me know if you find a method that works for you!!!

  4. Andy – I struggle in the same way with motivation. What works for me is to just get up and get moving every day. It’s really easy to wake up in the morning, get on the computer, and… not get off the computer! Since I don’t have cable, either, the tube isn’t my enemy; it’s the Internet.

    So, I make myself get out of the house. I hate to exercise even though I need to more than most people (not doing so well on my weight loss goal yet!). As I’ve written about in my blog, I mystery shop full-time. Since it isn’t your typical 9-5 J-O-B, I could lounge around the house just as easily as I could go out and make some money. No one’s forcing me to go to work each day.

    So for me, I plan my next day the night before. I select all the jobs I’m going to do the next day, work on my routes with my mapping software, and print off any paperwork I’m going to need. I also usually put out my clothes for the next day so even that is ready for me. That way, in the morning I wake up, brew some coffee, and hop in the shower. I do spend 20-30 minutes online each morning before I leave, but that’s to make sure I haven’t missed any opportunities.

    So, my advice to you: Just do it! Get out of the house, even if it’s just to go to the library or for a walk. Being out in the sun will work wonders for your state of mind.

  5. Hey Miser, thanks for the advice. It is good to know that Dexter gets even better. My library only has the first season but I think I will sign up for Netflix again next month and get the rest of them.

    I’ve done more mystery shopping than usual this month but I’m not making much money for the time involved. I don’t have it figured out like you do. I’m thinking I might just keep mystery shopping as an occasional source of extra income and forget about trying to make serious money from it.


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