My Online Empire

When I post my monthly income usually about $300-$400 of it is online income.  This isn’t much but apparently many people see it as somewhat of an achievement because I get lots of questions asking how I do it. I usually reply I make money from Adsense, text links, direct ads, and affiliate sales.  I’m sure many people would like a more detailed answer so I am going to give details on all my online sites.– This is my oldest site. I started it in December 2005 on Blogger.  I made my first Adsense payment in the summer of 2006 but it wasn’t until last year that it really started making money.  This site used to bring in the large majority of my earnings.  It still makes up the majority of my earnings but my other sites combined make almost as much money as this blog.– This is a static site. It doesn’t make a lot of money but considering I only update it about once a month my return per hour is very high.– This is my second highest earning site. I resisted putting ads on here for a long time. Unlike Bank Bonuses, my primary purpose here isn’t to make money. Since I’ve added them though my readership has gone way up so maybe I should have placed ads here earlier. This site doesn’t make much money. It might break even. I started this as a blog but I think I’ll convert it to a static site. I haven’t updated it in a while and writing more than two blogs takes up more time than I want to spend. I had a couple more credit card sites planned but credit card sign-ups are way down this year so I’m putting those plans on hold. This site doesn’t make any money but that is not its purpose.  It has made me money indirectly since it brings more readers here.  I haven’t done as much with it as I should.

Those are all the active sites I have right now.  I have some more planned but those will not debut until after I have finished my hike.  I also make a little money online from places other than my web sites such as eHow.  That isn’t a significant source of income now though.

Read Christian PF’s detailed post on how to make money with a blog for much more information.

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