Reader Questions #2

Here are some more answers to your questions. If you want further clarification of any of my answers or you have a different question to ask just leave a comment. I will post more answers next week.

What do you do with your free time?
Me and my GF are both big movie fans. We watch DVDs two or three nights a week in addition to attending the movies once a week. I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I need to cut back on the mindless surfing and increase the productive time spent online. I also read a lot. My non-fiction reads are usually money related and my fiction reads are usually mysteries but I like to read on lots of topics and genres. I plan to start running on a regular basis to get back in shape but that hasn’t happened yet.

When did you become a Tight-Fisted Miser?, When did you decide you wanted to retire early?

I have always been very frugal.  My mother was always very careful with her money and I’ve taken that a little bit farther.   I’ve always had a vague idea of wanting to retire early.  It is just in the last couple of years that I have had a plan on how to achieve that and early retirement seems feasible.

How do you make money online?

I make about half my money from Adsense and the other half from paid links and affiliate sales.  This didn’t happen overnight, I started blogging in December 2005.   My online income is from several sites not just this one.

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