Gas is Back Under $3 a Gallon

At least here in KC it is.  I’ve seen it as low as $2.91 a gallon and most places have it under $3 a gallon.  I’m wondering if now people will go back to their old habits and not worry about conserving gas.  That is probably what most people will do.  I plan to continue keeping my gas usage to a minimum.  I never thought gas would go back under $3 a gallon but if everyone starts using lots of gas the price will go back up quicker.  It will eventually go up regardless of how people drive but if people conserve gas now it will help slow the eventual gas price increase and make them better able to deal with the higher price of gas.  I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of my car next year.  It will depend on my ability to use public transportation to get to school and any job I might have.

8 thoughts on “Gas is Back Under $3 a Gallon”

  1. Wow, gas has really dropped where you are out. Here in northeastern VT it is still up around $3.50 / gallon.

    I am lucky enough to work from home and not have to drive too much so I can get by on a tank every week or two.

  2. I think it’s $3.29 here.

    What’s amazing to me it that we think $3 a gallon is a good price 🙂 When I started to drive about 15 years ago, gas was 99 cents a gallon! I can’t think of much else that has inflated 300% in the last 15 years 🙂

  3. We do have some of the cheapest gas in the nation here. I remember gas being sixty-some cents a gallon so I don’t think $3 a gallon is cheap. I’m thinking that most people after getting used to $4+ gas will start thinking $3 gas is cheap.

  4. Hubby and I were just talking about this exact thing yesterday when we saw the gas getting close to $3 a gallon…some of us did actually learn from our experiences and will continue to drive less, drive slower, and conserve more…but I think a good majority of folks will go back to their old habits before too long.

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