Halfway Through the Semester

I’ve made it halfway through the semester. I have two half-semester classes.  I took the final for one on Friday and the other one will be on Tuesday.  Having my half-semester classes completed means I’ll now only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  That should save me a little gas and I hope to increase my productivity with the extra time.

I’m dreading the rest of the semester though.  Since I transferred they’re making me take a class where I have to oral arguments-two of them to make it even worse.  Public speaking is almost my least favorite thing in the world.

For my clinic class I have now been assigned two real cases.  I’m not looking forward to calling the clients and setting up appointments and then interviewing them to collect the information necessary for the case.  This all stuff I’ll have to do if I become a lawyer but not stuff I like.  People skills aren’t really an asset of mine.  Of course, I knew this is what I’d have to do when I started law school but didn’t worry about it when it seemed far off.

Sometimes I feel like quitting law school but it would be stupid to do so this late in the game.  Anyway, I’m halfway through the semester now so I might as well finish.  And if I finish this semester I’ll only have one part-time semester left so I might as well do that and get my degree.  I’ll probably be more positive about this once it is all over.

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