June Income – $3111.66

Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Online Income





Cash Back


Amazon FBA

Medical Study $1300
Jobs $955.64
Motif Bonus $81.26



My income rebounded nicely in June. A lot of income that I earned in May wasn’t paid until June which made my May income terrible and makes my June income seem better than it really is.

The job I had for the last two weeks of May paid me in June. I also started another job in June and received one small paycheck from it.  In online income I received a check for a past due amount from May plus what I was owed in June which made for a better than average month there.

I also had a couple of new sources of income. I made $1300 from a medical study. I’ll make a bit more from it this month and the next couple of months. I also received $81.26 from Motif. They offer a $100 bonus but you have to make a couple of trades so I netted $81.26. If you would like to sign up for the Motif bonus you can leave me a comment and I’ll send you a referral email. Or you can try this referral link.    You need to fund the account with at least $1000 and I will receive a $100 bonus for referring you as well.

My cashback income went down a little. I guess people don’t shop as much in the summer.  If you haven’t joined Mr. Rebates yet you can get a $5 bonus for signing up through my referral link and I’ll make a little money for referring you as well.
Mr. Rebates

My Amazon FBA experiment hasn’t been a big money maker so far.  I didn’t put too much time into it last month so it isn’t too surprising that I haven’t made much money. Making money is at least better than losing money.  If you add in my credit card rewards I’m making a little more from FBA than what I’m reporting. I like selling on FBA so I’m going to continue to do so as long as it is easy and at least modestly profitable.

Since I am working full-time July should be a good month for income, although it probably still won’t be as good as June.

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