May Expenses – $1089.97

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for May.

Household $420.12








Student Loan









My May expenses were pretty low, but I didn’t quite make my goal of keeping my expenses under $1000 a month.  The main budget killer this month was my entertainment expense.  The main reason for it being high was that I included the purchase of my bike and bike accessories as entertainment.  My bike only cost $15.  Buying a helmet, car carrier, bike tools, and a spare tube added quite a bit more to the total cost though.  If I follow through and ride my bike regularly this will be money well spent.

The health cost was a little higher than usual because I had a dentist appointment. I might have another dentist appointment this month which would keep this expense category high.  I plan on having a lot of dental work done so this will be an expensive category in the coming months.

My transportation cost was unusually low. My only transportation expense for the month was gasoline. The gas expense was kept down by using cash back from my credit card. This month I have to buy six months of insurance and renew my car registration so this category will go way up.

My expenses this month will probably be up slightly since I have an over $200 car insurance bill to pay. I’m also taking a three day vacation in Las Vegas. Most of that vacation has already been paid.  If I don’t do well at the poker tables though, the vacation could get a lot more expensive.

4 thoughts on “May Expenses – $1089.97”

    • Thanks. I’m staying at the HoJo. It was a lot cheaper than any of the casino options. It is right off the strip and within walking distance of lots of casinos so it will work for me.

  1. Amazing job with the monthly expense. Our monthly expenses has been going up and I really need to get back to basic and cut back.
    Good luck in Vegas.

    • Thanks. As long as your expenses are lower than your income you are doing pretty good. Although my expenses were low they were still a lot higher than my income for the month so I’ll have to do better this month.


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