My Top 8 Movies of 2013

movies This is a bit off topic, but it is something I wanted to write so I’m writing it. My picks for the top 8 movies are necessarily limited to movies that I’ve seen. Since I’ve only seen two out of the nine Academy Award Best Picture nominees my list will be quite a bit different from their list. I did see 48 movies in the theater last year. Adding 2013 movies I saw on DVD and Netflix I saw a total of about 60 movies during the year. These are the ones I liked best in order of when I saw them.

1. Identity Thief
2. The Heat
3. The Way Way Back
4. We’re the Millers
5. The Spectacular Now
6. Gravity
7. Bad Grandpa
8. This is the End

This is a top 8 list because that is how many movies I felt deserved to be on my top list. As you can see, I’m partial to raunchy comedies, but a couple of serious movies are among my picks. What do you think of these movies? What would be on your top movies of 2013 list?

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3 thoughts on “My Top 8 Movies of 2013”

  1. Before Midnight and 12 Years a Slave are my picks. Haven’t seen Gravity yet though!

    This Is The End was fun … was that really 2013? We also watched Kings of Summer the other week – goofy but fun.

    • I really like the first two “Before” movies, but haven’t seen “Before Midnight” yet or it probably would have made my list. “This Is The End” came out in Summer 2013 here in the states.

      We just watched “The Kings of Summer” on DVD today. I thought it was pretty good.


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