Possible Plans for 2014

CAM00206 It has been a while since I’ve put up a post on this blog. I’ve decided to just post when I feel like writing a post and lately I haven’t felt like posting much. I even thought about quitting blogging completely, but I like having a record of my thoughts and finances. This blog has always been more of a journal than a magazine/advice type blog and now that will likely be even more so. I’m not setting any blogging goals for the year right now. I’m just going to blog when I want to blog.

I’m actually not making any yearly goals right now. I did fine on the two yearly goals I made last year, but this year I want to make some non-financial goals. I’m thinking those goals will be monthly goals so if I get off track one month I can get back on track the next month. The areas I need to make goals for are losing weight/getting in shape and (non-blog) writing. This month my goals are to take the steps at work and to spend less on fast food than I did in December. I’m doing fine on those goals so far this month and I’m thinking I probably made my goals too easy. I can set harder goals next month. Of course, I can also improve on my goals this month as well.

There are also a couple of things I would like to do this year that are not goals. They are just wishes at this point. I’d like to spend at least a month hiking. Based on my previous experiences, that isn’t likely to happen. At least not a month of consecutive days hiking. Nonetheless, I am going to try again. I plan to get in better shape before I start my hike so the hiking isn’t such a shock to my system. Also, I’ll be starting in April rather than July so the weather shouldn’t be nearly as hot.

The other thing I’d like to do is take a road trip across the United States. This is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I read “Blue Highways” when I was in high school. That was over 25 years ago and I never got around to doing it. Since I should finally have both the time and the money, this year seems like the time to do it. I’m not sure how long the trip or where all I’ll visit. I’d like to at least visit all of the lower 48 states that I haven’t yet visited. The states I haven’t visited are mainly the Northwest and Northeast states. I just haven’t had much inclination to visit those states since I’d rather go south where it is warm. The northern states should be warm enough in summer though and I might even make a short trip across the border into Canada as well. I’ve probably been to Mexico about 50 times so I should probably visit Canada at least once.

I will give more details when these events come closer to happening. I’ll also let you know about any new goals I set.

8 thoughts on “Possible Plans for 2014”

  1. Blogging when you feel like it means what you post will be inspired rather than forced. Once I figured out I wasn’t going to make much money blogging, I started thinking more about this being a journal than a magazine, like you said.

    Maybe you can add a few mystery shops along the road trip to make your money last longer. At least cover some of the gas and food along the way. Or not. Sometimes it’s nice to not have a plan at all.

    Wish you the best whatever you decide. I’ll probably be headed to Omaha the first weekend of May… maybe we can meet up depending on how I travel. If your travel takes you to Florida let me know.

    • If I do go on a road trip I will do a little mystery shopping along the way to reduce my expenses. I’ve done that before.

      My current plan is to be hiking during the first week of May. If that changes we can meet up when you head to Omaha. I’m now a Berkshire Hathaway so I might go to Omaha myself.

      I might make it out to Florida too. Other than an overnight at the Miami airport I haven’t been to Florida since Spring Break 1986. It is probably time for another visit.

  2. This journal style of writing is actually something I like about your blog. Good advice is always appreciated but sometimes “oh, yeah, right, easy to say” attitude can appear. When I see someone’s journey it is easier to think “oh, I think it is doable!”. So please, don’t quit blogging 😉
    Good luck with your wishes in 2014 😉

  3. Yup. I am with you on this post. I used to blog because I liked talking about financial topics etc and was truly passionate. Then I started making some serious money (almost 6K p/month) and my blog turned into a business where I wrote on topics that were SEO popular but ones I had little interest in. But after all the Panda updates and a busier day job I just started finding that blogging became hard work for little return, and I was writing for SEO purposes only. No passion at all. So this year I decided to shut-down my “blog-business” and consider my blog as a hobby. Still coming to grips with this change (the money is long gone) as I feel I failed, but is a reality I need to accept.

    Good luck with your travels!

    • My blogging income has also gone way down. I haven’t added up my income for 2013,but I’m sure it was less than half what I made in 2012. And 2012 was a lot less than 2011. I’m no longer worrying about trying to get the income back up. I’m just going to write what I want to write.



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