October Income -$803.19

Here is a breakdown of my income for October.

Online Income





Cash Back


Mystery Shop




October was not a great month for income.  I knew it wouldn’t be great since I didn’t have any income from a job.  I’m hoping I can find a decent job in November to get my income back up.  Online income was higher than I expected which was a nice surprise.  It would be nice if it stayed at that level this month, but I doubt it will.  October was the first month in a long time that I didn’t make even a penny in affiliate income.  The affiliate income I was paid in October was earned in previous month.

Cash back is a nice extra source of income that mainly comes from Mr. Rebates.  The cash back income should go up a little as more people are doing their Christmas shopping.  I need to get my comics listed for sale this month.  That is my best chance at making decent money other than getting a new job.

My tax job should start back up again in January.  I can easily live off my alternative and passive income and savings until then, but I would prefer to build up my savings rather than draw them down.

4 thoughts on “October Income -$803.19”

  1. Hey Andy,
    Well done with the online income. I have yet to make any and am learning all the in’s and outs now that I am self-hosted. I think it’s great. How do you make your online income? Good luck finding the new job. Cheers CBB

    • I make online income from affiliate links and advertising. It took me quite a while before I made a decent income from my blogs. This year my income has gone down a lot due to Google penalties, but it is still pretty good money considering I’d still blog even if I didn’t make anything.


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