The Perfect Time to Start a New Goal

It can be difficult to determine the perfect time to start a new goal. Many people use the New Year as a time to start new goals. If that is too far away then people often use the start of a new month as a time to start a new goal. A common criticism of using these as a time to start working towards a new goal is that if a goal is worth working towards it is better to start it now then to wait. If you are trying to lose weight or stop smoking it would be much better for you to start that goal now rather than wait until the New Year. There is never going to be a perfect time to start a new goal. Some times can be better than others to start but often waiting for the perfect time to start a new goal is just an excuse to not work on the goal at all.

I’ve definitely done that in my own life. When I was working 65 hours a week earlier this year I told myself that as soon as my tax job was over I’d start working on losing weight. I’d have plenty of time to exercise and would eat better once the tax job was done. It’s been a couple of months since the tax job ended and I haven’t exercised much and am not eating any better. I was thinking it would be much easier to lose weight once the tax job was over. It was a mistake to think that losing weight would be easier at a future date. There really wasn’t any reason that I couldn’t have taken action to lose weight while working the tax job. My hike should help me lose weight but I need to start changing my eating and exercise habits now if I want to keep off any weight I lose while hiking. It is best to start the change now.

The only two goals I set for this year were to live on a minimum wage income and to save 50% of my income. The minimum wage goal is going fine and should be easily met. Saving 50% of my income is looking unlikely but it is still possible. Those goals are okay but I think I need to set goals that lead to forming new habits. That way once the habit is established I will not need to keep setting new goals for the habit in order to make myself continue the action. Once the action is a habit it should be continued automatically. I’m changing a couple of things today which should lead to the formation of new habits. I’ll let you know how it goes. How do you set goals?

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Time to Start a New Goal”

  1. What sort of diet are you trying? Maybe you can try a few different styles and see which one you mesh with?

    I’m mostly Scandinavian/Irish/German, and when I lose weight it’s easiest to do so with low-carb and Paleo-style diets. Right now I’m in a gaining stage, but when I’m ready to cut again, back to low-carb. Ask away if you think it might help!

    • It will be somewhat of a low carb diet. I’m of Irish/German descent myself. After doing some internet research I think I might have a gluten sensitivity. Once I get back from my hike I’m going to try a gluten-free diet for a month and see if I notice any changes.

  2. Setting a time to start a new goal used to be my habit. In the end, I never started any goal. Now I realized that once you set a new goal, it is best to start it the moment you decide to want to have it.


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