November Income – $2871.09

Here is a breakdown of my income for November.

Online Income






Cash Back


Mystery Shopping




Credit Card Bonus




My income was up slightly in November. My job income went up quite a bit due to it being a three paycheck month at my attorney job and my online income went down quite a bit resulting in a very small increase in overall income.

The amount of money I’m making from my jobs doesn’t seem like enough compared to how much I’m working.  When the online income was going good, I was making a lot more money from a lot less work.  I guess that couldn’t last forever.  Since I’m mostly sleeping at the part-time job, I can’t really complain about how little it pays.  I have taken some action that will increase my overall income and am looking for ways to increase it even more.

My sources of passive and alternative income didn’t add up to much, but every little bit helps. I got a nice bonus of $150 for signing up for a new cash back credit card. I got $34.04 from Mr. Rebates which was almost all from my referrals’ purchases. It is nice to have the residual income coming in without any more effort needed on my part.

I will likely have a significant decrease in income this month.  This is because I quit my attorney job so I could move to Kansas City.  I’ve already got a new job with higher pay at a local CPA firm.  It doesn’t start until January though, and it is only for the tax season.  For now, I am picking up extra shifts at my part-time job and might have a possible 1-2 week temporary job starting next week. Once I start working at the new job my income should be even higher than it has been the last couple of months.


13 thoughts on “November Income – $2871.09”

  1. That is an interesting move to quit your attorney job and go to the CPA job. You do what you have to do when you need to make those decisions. Congratulations in finding a new job right away.

  2. Sorry, but wasn’t the attorney job something that was a stepping stone for your career? The first job is tough, but the experience later on might pay big dividends?

    I do not want to be harsh, and i do not have any of the information you used to make the decison, but on the outside this looks like not a very good decision.


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