Personal Finance Links – Not So Suite Life Edition

This hasn’t been a great weekend. I had managed to go twenty years without getting in a car accident but now I’ve been in two this year. To make things worse this accident was my fault. I’m hoping the accident won’t cause my insurance rates to go up since this is my first at fault accident in my life. I’ll have to wait and see.

On the plus side we are spending two nights in Tunica since we were comped a hotel room for two nights. I was surprised to find out that they actually comped us a suite. It is pretty sweet with a couple of big screen TVs and a Jacuzzi tub. I’m not sure how much it would cost if we had to pay for it but I’m sure it is more than I would be willing to pay. Although the room is nice I’m not a big fan of Tunica. They haven’t had the poker games I like and it is in the middle of nowhere so you’re stuck eating at their overpriced restaurants. We’re able to use our reward points to pay for our meals but I would prefer to get better value for our points. I probably jinxed myself by posting how I make money gambling. I’ve lost more in the past two days than I have all year. I tried playing video poker and no-limit poker with terrible results. I’m still up for the year but I came out well behind for this two night stay. I’m going to be much more careful with my gambling in the future.

This month we have traveled to Kansas City, Chicago, Texas, and now Tunica,Mississippi. This has cut into my blogging time. To help keep my commitment to my Yakezie Team 2 members I’m linking to them in this link roundup.

My Multiple Incomes has a post about the best income streams. There are lots of good ideas in the comments.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job wonders “is college worth it?” The answer to that like many things is “it depends.”

Money Crush advises you to prepare for massive success. That is a good thing to prepare for.

Untemplater has tips to prepare for an un-templated lifestyle. I’ve lived most of my life “untemplated” but it is only the last few years that it wasn’t a struggle.

Retire by 40 hosted the Totally Money Carnival. Lots of good posts there.

Squirellers talks about blended families and inheritances. We had cases like this in law school and generally whatever the will says is how the money will be handled. A much worse case than what Squirellers talks about is when a spouse gets remarried but never changes their will and all their money goes to their former spouse.

101 Centavos has a career tip about right vs. wrong. The right thing can sometimes be a grey area.

Broke Professionals shares money tools for a simplified life. These tools can save you some time when managing your finances.

Everything Finance shares three things you need to start a home business. They may not be what you think.

Since I have more traveling to do tomorrow and a couple of Thanksgiving dinners to attend I probably won’t get a whole lot more blogging done this week but next week I should be home all week and hopefully get lots of blogging done.

9 thoughts on “Personal Finance Links – Not So Suite Life Edition”

  1. I hope the accident wasn’t too bad and that there is a minimal impact on your insurance. Even if there is, it will only be temporary (but if you are like me even a $1 increase would be frustrating).

    Your gambling travails sound a lot like what I experienced last week in Vegas. Unfortunately I’m definitely down for the year. I’ve only been to Tunica a couple times. I agree it’s a desolate place with very little to do outside the casinos… almost makes it depressing because there’s just nothing there but a handful of casinos. Nice about the suite, though.

    • I’m only ahead in gambling if you count the comps. Before this trip I thought I might break even on actual money but that isn’t going to happen now.

      This accident was a much lower impact than my accident earlier this but unfortunately caused more damage.

  2. Sorry to hear about your car accidents. Like others have said, it probably depends on your insurance company and whatever analysis their renewal department does. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though; just be prepared to shop around if it does increase. (And thanks for the link.)


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