June Income – $3163.29

Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Mystery Shops


Cash Back/Surveys




Bank Bonus




June was a great month for income.  This was from making some big advertising deals for my blogs. It is nice to make this kind of alternative and passive income. I was thinking about getting a job after I sit for the bar but it looks like I can delay that for a while.  I’ll post my online income report later this week or next week.  I don’t think I’ll make as much money this month but I am already over $1000 in blogging income so I think it will still be pretty good.

15 thoughts on “June Income – $3163.29”

    • I actually finished law school in 2009 and am just now sitting for the bar. That makes me a long shot to pass the bar since I have to relearn so much. If I don’t make it this time I’ll take it again in February.

        • This is my first time taking the bar. When I finished law school I had no desire to become a lawyer but I’ve decided since then that since I put all the time, money, and effort into going to law school I should at least sit for the bar. I’m taking the bar in Missouri.

  1. Making money through a blog is definitely compelling. How much time would you say you spent or spend on a weekly basis? We just started our blog after we got married in May and took a look at our debts. Writing about the process has been very therapeutic even if we don’t make a dime 😉


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