June Expenses – $2014.36

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

















Debt $26



My expenses were up for June but that is partly because these figures now reflect the entire household’s expenses rather than just mine.  For those who don’t know our household consist of me, my wife, and her daughter.  I don’t have our expenses totally integrated for tracking yet but I estimate this figure is at least 90-95% of our expenses.  This means my past expenses can’t really be compared to my current expenses but I felt that showing the entire household’s expenses was a more accurate way to report.

I moved our dining out expenses from the entertainment category to the food category.  This left us with zero entertainment expenses for June.  We did go to the movies a couple times for free via mystery shopping but other than that we just used free entertainment options.  The food expenses broke down to $170.79 for groceries and $127.56 for dining out.  I guess that is ok but with all the free food we received from mystery shopping I think it could have been lower.  I was happy that our transportation expenses were under $200 which is lower than they have been.  This total was all for gasoline, we didn’t have any repair or other transportation expenses for a change.

I also paid $430 for bar exam software and $133.90 for hotel expenses while taking the bar.  I won’t have those expenses in July and we will have free rent for the month so I expect expenses to go way down. I’m hoping we can get our expenses down to $1500 for July.  We will see how that works and I’ll adjust my August goal as necessary.



5 thoughts on “June Expenses – $2014.36”

  1. TFM,

    Can you send me your personal definitions for your budget catagories?

    THis may seem like an odd request, but I wonder how your household budget is so low and if education and debt are inter-changable.

  2. The household contains rent and anything I buy for the household. It is also used to categorize anything that doesn’t fit any of my other categories.

    Debt and education are not interchangeable although the debt was for education expenses. The money I list in the education category is for money I spent during the month on education. The money paid for debt is from a 0% credit card deal I used to pay down my student loans.


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