February Income – $951.13

Here is a breakdown of my income for February.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Mystery Shops








My income was lower in February than I prefer although it is nice to see most of the income is alternative income and passive income.  It isn’t good to have a month where your expenses were higher than your income.  I’ll make more money than I spend this month because I will be receiving my medical study payment.  It isn’t surprising my income was down in February because I didn’t do much to make money.  I need to put some work into increasing my passive income and alternative income.


8 thoughts on “February Income – $951.13”

    • I own a tiny position in CIM as well. I also own O but I think it is overvalued now. Most of my dividend stocks are dividend achievers and I also own a couple of funds for diversification because I don’t have a large portfolio.

    • It doesn’t work very well. I drew down my savings some in February. My March income should be well above my March expenses so I’ll probably replace most of my savings. Months like February are why it is good to have several months expenses in the bank.

  1. How do you earn this income? What is mystery shops? What is online income mean? I’m killing myself at a job for only $10 an hour because I need the flexiblity. Do you know a better way? Thanks

    • You can learn more about mystery shops at Volition.com. They have been a nice source of extra income for me and they do allow you to be flexible. I’m planning on having a book available about mystery shopping later this month.

      My online income is mostly from blogging. This takes a while to establish and explaining how to get started is more than I can fit in a comment. You can search my site for more information or try a site like Problogger.net. There is a lot of information out there it is just difficult to process it all.


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