It Must Be Nice

When I talk to people about my current hiking plans they sometimes reply, “It must be nice.” The implication is that I’m lucky to be able to go on a six-month hike. Undoubtedly, I am lucky to be physically and financially able to go on this hike. It isn’t all luck though. Being financially able to take this hike is a result of years of living frugally and saving money. I’ve also avoided debts or other obligations that would keep me from hiking. Too many people think that reaching a goal like this is just luck and is out of their control. If someone wants to take a hike they can do the same things I did. They may decide that the trade-offs aren’t worth it for them but they should realize that they can achieve this goal – it isn’t just luck.

And yeah, it is pretty f—ing nice.

7 thoughts on “It Must Be Nice”

  1. I think alot of people might mean that they have a full time job, family or other commitments and aren’t just able to pack up and leave. This doesn’t make them not frugal or a spendthrift, they are just at a different stage in their life than you. I too have lived frugally and admire you for your free spirit, however I am right now not able to pack up the troops and hike. Enjoy your freedom, I too will have it someday.

  2. I know a few people busy raising families or have other commitments that make going on a long hike a pipe dream. It isn’t always health or money that prevent people from their dreams. Sometimes it is their circumstances (and stinking thinking) that prevent them.

    It could be said, however, that people always put themselves in the situations that they are in. If they really want to fulfill a dream they could work towards it even if it takes years.

  3. Man, that would aggravate me! I say that, if someone replies to you again with that sort of thing, just smile broadly, look wistful and say, “Yeah it’s nice to finally see the results of saving and scrimping so I could take this trip.” That should startle them into not acting like jerks.

  4. It’s nice to know that you are still alive!
    I personally think that people that say “it must be nice” aren’t good with money and are the type to blame others for their choices.
    I’m so glad that you are sharing your dream with all of your readers!

  5. Marilyn- It depends on the person and the way they say “it must be nice” whether I take it negatively or not. I realize people may have obligations such as a family or mortgage that keep them from being able to hike but that is a choice they made. I’m not saying it is an incorrect choice. I sometimes think “it would be nice” to have a wife and kids but I have chosen other things.

    Dan- I agree.

    Abigail- Good idea. I probably won’t say that but I’ll keep it in mind in case someone really irritates me.

    SonyaAnn- Yep, still alive. Hope to keep the site updated once a week or so.


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