Save Money with Back to School Sales

One common frugal tip is that you should stock up on an item when it is on sale. Stores are starting to have their back to school sales. This is an excellent time to stock up on school or home office supplies. The large department stores and office supply stores have a variety of merchandise for extremely low prices.

For example, Staples currently has many items free after rebate, Wal-Mart is selling 70 sheet notebooks for .15 cents, and K-Mart is selling Elmer’s glue for .20 cents. That is just a few of the deals available and there will be new ones every week for the next few weeks.

About a decade ago I took advantage of a cheap notebook offer and I haven’t paid for paper yet. During my four years in law school I never purchased any school supplies. I either already had the items needed or was able to get them for free. With a little planning you can stock up on supplies as well and not have to buy them again for years.

1 thought on “Save Money with Back to School Sales”

  1. Funny you should mention that. I just bought several notebooks at wal-mart for 15 cents. I love office supplies, that’s my favorite thing to look at when I go shopping!

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