Brainstorming Income Ideas

Since I’m soon going to be unemployed I need to replace my job income. Towards that end I decided to brainstorm ten ways to make more money. These are the first ten ways I came up. Not all of them are good ideas but I just wanted to think of some ways to increase my income. I’d love to hear any ideas you have about making money also.

1. Get another job- This is the most obvious idea. It is going to be a fallback for now because I really want to make money from my own business and want to be free from any schedules.

2. Sell plasma- This could be done whenever I felt like it. I probably won’t do it though because there isn’t a collection center close to me and I think there are other things I could do that would have a better return.

3. Increase my blog income- This is easier said then done. Several things I could do to possibly increase my income are add adsense to this blog, add other affilliate programs, post more often, promote my blog, and change the design. There are many more things than that but that is a good start.

4. Launch more web sites- I won’t be launching any more blogs. I can barely keep the two I have updated. There are some other sites I want to launch. I have several domain names and have being doing research on PPC and keywords and such. I just need to get the sites launched.

5. Write articles for Associated Content- This isn’t a big moneymaker but I like to write and this would be a good place for articles that aren’t appropriate for my blogs. I can also publish and be paid for articles that I later make in to blog posts.

6. Other writing- I’m sure there are other places online that pay you for writing I just need to do some research and find out what they are. Also I could submit articles to offline publications.

7. Tutor- My LSAT score is high enough to qualify me to tutor but the one test prep company I applied to didn’t hire me. I’d prefer to do this on my own but am not sure how to go about it. I need to develop some tutoring skills. I have the knowledge but am not good at imparting it to a student.

8. Be a Guinea Pig- I’ve done many medical studies in the past and made good money from them. I need to call the local clinics and see if they have outpatient studies I could do while in school.

9. Surveys, Mystery Shopping, etc- I could also look to increase the little things I do for extra money now. This isn’t a very good option though because there are a limited amount of opportunities available and most of them don’t pay much for the time invested.

10. Sell stuff- I don’t own much but it would be helpul to sell a few things before I move at the end of September. What I really need to sell is the few hundred comic books I have in storage at my mom’s house. The vast majority of these books were bought at cover price or less and I got my value out of them when I read them. There really isn’t much point to keeping them now but I’ve delayed doing so out of laziness and a belief that I should be able to sell them for more than what they would fetch on Ebay. I need to research whether an Ebay store or some other way would be the best way to sell them.

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  1. Selling plasma is a pain, but at least it is a renewable resource! I probably wouldn’t do that, either, but it’s insurance for additional income, at least.

  2. Getting Tutoring Gigs is easy. Just make up a poster on a normal sheet of paper. Big print so it catches your eye and put it on bulletin boards at your local schools. If you’re good you’ll get more business by word of mouth than you can handle. At the bottom of your poster place 10 little tear off tags with your name, phone number, and the word TUTOR. The tear offs will look like fringe. This lets people save your number while leaving the poster in place. Also – when you hang the poster always tear off one of the numbers – that way people think that someone else has already called this guy.

    Tutor option #2 – Pick a class and a time (physics 101 7-8pm, wednesdays, room 305) and offer to tutor everyone who shows up for $5 each. If you’re good word gets around and you have 10+ people at each session.

    A guy at Texas A&M did this and made so much money that the professors complained and kicked him off campus. He rented an empty building at a strip mall. He was having 20-50 people each session and all he did was do their homework for them on the blackboard. He actually explained how to do problems, listened to their questions and honestly tried to help. AMAZING – no wonder the professors got mad. He made them look bad [grin].

  3. You could sell ebooks.
    You could do credit cards interest arbitrage
    You can get a job at your school – you will basically get paid to study 🙂
    You should put adsense on this website ( or other monetization methods)

    Where do you sell bodily fluids in KC? As for other “manly” fluids :-), I think that the closes sp bank in Mo is in Saint Louis.. But you can make money hands over fist that way, according to some reports..

    Have you opened an account with Sharebuilder yet? You can get a $25 bonus by opening an account with them through this link ( make one trade, they charge you $4, you can invest $5 in total)*riowjgwu

  4. You could try selling your cds, dvds, or video games on I started by picking out the cds and dvds that I had not even looked at in the past 3 years or so and made a quick $25. If I could talk my partner into seriously offloading our collection, I could probably make a couple hundred dollars.

  5. Jim- Thanks for the advice. I’m not worried about finding students though but about the process of teaching them.

    Online Dividends-I’ve done CC arbitrage before but don’t want to do it right now. My other blog is so I’ve already done a couple Sharebuilder bonuses but it is probably time to do another one. I’ll be adding Adsense here. Probably won’t be selling any type of bodily fluids.:) Are you in KC? What are your other websites?

    Summer-I keep hearing about Squidoo and have been meaning to check it out. Maybe now I’ll finally get around to it.

    alivenaz-Thanks,I was trying to remember the name of secondspin the other day. I’ve only got 3 cds so it wouldn’t be much money for me. If I could talk my girlfriend into trimming her cd and dvd collection she could make some good money.

  6. I’m sure you’ve already thought about it, but could you create an LSAT tutoring forum or website? Or, maybe something integrated into your current blog here about saving money on LSAT prep courses.

    Also, thanks for signing up with Big Crumbs. It has been a wonderful source of added income for me and hope it does the same for you.

  7. Scott-I’ve considered those LSAT ideas but I don’t know if I want to start a forum or another website. Big Crumbs looks like a good deal,I’ve already made some money from them. I always try to sign up through a blogger’s link when I join new programs and hope others do the same for me. I’m going to post about Big Crumbs soon and hopefully that will get me(us) some referrals.

  8. I’d been trying to figure out ways to supplement my income lately, as hubby is in grad school, we just bought a house, and money’s a little tight, but was having a hard time coming up with anything. Finally, though, I found it. We have a dog, a doggy door, and a large fenced yard, so I put up an ad on Craigslist advertising petsitting services at my home. For the month of August alone, I’ll be making an extra (and easy!) $800. Pretty sweet, painless, and significant. Much better than working an equivalent number of extra hours at my day job.

    It’s certainly not for everyone. You really have to love animals, and can’t be too picky about a dirty house, but so far it’s working out really well for us.

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