July Goals Update

I didn’t do a goals update for June because I was terrible about making progress towards my goals in June.  July was a much better month.  My first goal of not acquiring any new debt other than student loans is still being met.  This one is pretty easy to meet.  I made some progress towards my goal of losing 20 pounds.  After gaining 8 pounds earlier this year I’m now back to my original weight.  I’ll now need to lose 20 pounds in six months rather than a year.  This is doable but I’m going to have to put a lot more effort into it.  I did make good progress on improving my blog.  I started the Frugal Blog Network and I was featured twice on the Smart Spending blog at MSN.com.

1 thought on “July Goals Update”

  1. Good luck with your weight. My weight has been down, then up, and hopefully now headed back down again this year. I’ve found getting out of debt to be much easier. I’m spending more energy focusing on my weight and that is making a difference.


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