An Unexpected Windfall…That I’ll Probably Have to Return

When I logged into my latest bank account today I expected to see a bonus of $50 credited to my account.  Instead there was a credit of $150.  I don’t have the terms of the bank bonus with me but I believe they made an error and credited me for a larger bonus than I qualified for.  I briefly thought about just waiting to see if they would catch the error or not.  I really don’t think they would though.  The bonus was entered by the person who opened my account and they probably just rely on that when determining what amount to credit.  I decided to go ahead and let them know of the error though.  I’m hoping that maybe I’m wrong and I did qualify for the larger bonus amount or maybe they’ll just let me keep it.  If not and they take the money back that is okay because it wasn’t mine anyway.  I’m frugal but I don’t compromise my ethics for financial gain.

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