Accelerating My Internship

My original plan was to work at my internship through the end of July.  I’ve changed my mind and hope to wrap up my internship in the next two weeks.  I just have to put in a total of a 120 hours to get full school credit for the internship. I should be able to work enough in the next week to get to that total.

I’ve changed my mind for several reasons.  One is the gas cost of of making the 3 hour trip twice a week. Another is the limited time I have left to earn income. Another big one is less time to spend with my girlfriend.  I knew of all these before I started my internship but thought by extending my internship I would gain exposure to more experiences.  It now looks like there wouldn’t be any significant new experiences in the extra couple of weeks so I might as well wrap it up so I can get back home and get my finances back on track.

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