April Investment Income- $27.50

This is not my actual investment income. To get this figure I first add up my retirement accounts, emergency fund, and any other money I consider permanent savings.  What the total of my savings would earn at 6% interest for a month is my monthly investment income. The 6% figure is the highest interest I can earn in an FDIC insured account right now. My plan is to eventually have my investment income equal or exceed my expenses. My expenses were $1581.53 in April so I have quite a way to go. The total of my expenses should go down though, making the gap not quite as large.

I just started reporting this figure now because I should now make enough money to be able to contribute enough to my savings to have this figure consistently rise. However if I’m no longer able to get 6% interest or my stock fund declines significantly the amount could still go down. I’m hoping that won’t happen and my contributions will be sufficient to cover any minor fluctuations.

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