Small Electric Bill and Big Gas Bill

My latest electric bill was only $11.14 for 50kwh of electricity.  My gas bill was $84.72 which was larger than I expected.  I keep my thermostat low but my apartment is poorly insulated and drafted.  My furnace looks to be quite old and is probably not very efficient.  For now I have to have gas since I can’t do without heat.  Sometime in April or May though I will once again cancel my gas service.  Next time I move I’ll make sure the place has electric heat.

2 thoughts on “Small Electric Bill and Big Gas Bill”

  1. Can you afford an electric space heater? It’s cheaper to heat one room than a two or three-room apartment. If you keep the room where you spend most of your time tolerable with an electric heater, you could ratchet the furnace thermostat way down.

    You may be able to score a space heater at a discount in an after-Christmas sale.

  2. I was actually going to borrow a friend’s space heater and see if that would help. He left for a month long job though before I remembered to borrow it so this experiment will have to wait until February.


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