New Posting Schedule and Other Changes

After considering what you want to read about and what I want to write about I have come up with the following posting schedule. Saturdays will be reserved for posts about any good deals I’ve found or posts about law/law school. If I don’t have anything I feel is worth writing about on either of those topics I’ll take the day off from writing. Sundays will be for Frugal Blog Network roundups or posts about goals. Again, if I don’t have anything to write on either one of those subjects I’ll take the day off.

Mondays will be reserved for frugality, Thursdays for alternative income, and Fridays will be for posts about blogging. I don’t think I’ll have trouble coming up with something to write about those topics. Tuesday and Wednesday will be left open to write about whatever I feel like writing. I’ll occasionally take one or both of those days off as well depending on how many post ideas I have and how productive I’m feeling. As you can see I will l no longer be writing every day. I’m hoping this will lead to better posts. Let me know what you think of my idea to reduce my posting frequency.

Also if you are reading this at the actual site you can see that I have a new theme. I finally broke down and bought a Thesis theme. I have been wanting to make this purchase for a while but I didn’t want to spend the money. This theme is much easier to modify and is supposed to be much more SEO friendly. I believe this purchase will pay off in the future.

Lastly, if you are not yet a subscriber please consider becoming one. You can sign up through one of the links in the right sidebar or the link at the end of this post. There is no cost for doing so and you will receive the latest posts from Tight Fisted Miser by RSS or email for free. I have been around the 390 mark in subscribers for a couple of weeks. It would be a nice ego boost if just a few more people signed up and put me over the 400 subscribers mark. Thanks.

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