August Expenses

by Andy Hough on September 5, 2007

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.













I’m very pleased with my expense results for August.  If you take out the amount for debt repayment my expenses were well under 50% of my income. This is the kind of month I’ve been wanting to have since I started tracking my expenses.  There were no unusual expenses this month such as car repair or dental bills like I have been occurring. Unfortunately I won’t be able to repeat this since I have a traffic ticket, car repair, and quarterly health insurance bill to pay for this month.

I’m going to try again to reduce my food bill.  I was very close to my budgeted amount of $100 but I think I can spend less.  A large percentage of my food budget is spent on impulse junk food purchases.  If I can eliminate or reduce these purchases my food budget should go down plus I’ll be healthier.  Since I work in a pizza restaurant I need to take advantage of the free food available to me and use that to satisfy my junk food cravings.  Entertainment should stay low because I received a $50 AMC gift card for opening a bank account. Also I stopped seeing the woman I was dating so there won’t be any expense there.  Debt reduction will probably also be less since my other expenses will leave me with less available to pay on debt.

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