Kicked Out of Law School

I’ve been depressed lately and this is the major reason why. I was officially kicked out of law school yesterday for academic deficiency. Since my grades were lower than I expected this semester I knew this was coming. I have a hearing on the 20th to apply for readmission. I’ve already been told this is a long shot. If the hearing doesn’t go my way than two years and almost $60,000 have been wasted. I’m not sure what I’ll do if I don’t get readmitted. I could go to a different law school and start all over again but I really do not want to start at the beginning again. For now I’m focusing on getting readmitted and I’ll make other plans if I have to.

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  1. Hi man,

    I’m an avid reader of your blog, and I would like to offer my support. I know what you are going through, as I was recently kicked out of a computing degree at Oxford University and am currently applying for re-admission.

    Don’t let it get you down, just keep your chin up and focus all your energy on getting re-admitted. Go in there and argue your case, prove to them you deserve to be a lawyer. 😉

    Hope everything works out buddy.


  2. Write down all your attributes. Read them over and over again each day until the hearing. You want them etched in your brain when you appear.

    Good Luck!

  3. Nice blog. Sorry to hear about the law school stuff; no it’s not “kicked out” they call it “dismissed” to soften the blow of the waste of your time, money, and seeing people stupider than you excel by memorizing verbatim everything written by a pompous windbag that has nothing to do with being a lawyer! It takes guts to actually go to the petition hearing… Just remember that even the worst things can have a silver lining…

  4. I feel your pain. I just learned that I was kicked out of law school today. I too will apply for re-admittance. It sucks cuz I either got an A or C-. I cant believe that even if you get above a C average, they consider you academically deficient. For tonight, I am going to wallow in my misery. I guess I have a right to do that. After tonight, the self pity must end. Complaining about how life sucks is not going to get me anywhere.

    I love how the law school says that “your grades are not a reflection of your abilities”…and by the way, thank you for your $30k.

    Keep your head up. I’ll keep reading your blog…it’s nice to know that someone else is in my shoes.

  5. hi, sorry to hear about that…I was recently kicked out of a 4th Tier, and am scrambling and doing everthing in my power to get back in…… this so called school the faculty and head dean is not as understanding or sympathetic about my outside issues that led to my low gpa. But hang in there, and just tell yourself its not the end of the world…I too have been deeply depressed, and I only lost 25 grand with food and living costs included…as a flunked out 1L, I’m not sure if I want to even pursue this so called law career, of being cooped up in an office for 18 hours, not being able to spend time with family, and just the stress of being a lawyer, knowing the power to get someone acquitted or convicted rests in your hands. Anyways good luck and if things dont go well, screw it…….It may just not be our calling!

  6. Dude..sorry to hear about that. Good luck on the hearing. Don’t count the money as wasted. Education is more valuable than dollar amounts….and like the comment above says – grades are not a reflection of your abilities.

    Take the zen approach – do what is required, so that have the satisfaction of having given it your best shot — leave the remaining burden on the people who decide.

    Good luck.

  7. That sucks, man. I actually found out yesterday that my petition for re-admission has been rejected. To top it all off, I got a $12,000 loan to pay for summer classes, which I have been attending for the last two months, but they wouldn’t let me sit for my exams. My GPA is only .112 away from being in good standing, so if I’d done well on either of my exams, I’d be fine. My grades haven’t changed all summer, so I have no idea why they didn’t tell me of their decision to “exclude me from my schedule” before I spent $12,000 on summer school. The main reason I’m below 2.0 to begin with is that my school has visiting professors from Germany and France and I couldn’t understand them because they don’t speak English clearly. The entire situation is completely ridiculous and I’m considering taking my school to court and seeking damages for the $12,000 I wasted this summer. Did I mention my girlfriend is 9 months pregnant? This is a pretty stressful time for me.

  8. Jason- Sorry to hear about your experience. I was able to get reinstated although I had to sit out a semester. I did well enough last semester that I’m now off of academic probation. If I fall back under a 2.0 though I’ll be dismissed without another chance.

  9. Tight-Fisted: How did you get readmitted. What were your circumstances and how did you present it them? I probably need to know because I might have to do the same soon.

  10. Tight-Fisted:If you could please share how you were able to get back in.
    My husband got kicked out and he has appealed three times already with no luck.
    I think at this point any ideas of what he could do will be helpful.

  11. Same thing happened to me. Then I did the appeal and lost both appeals at the same time even though I was suppose to get an appeal with the assistant dean then another chance at appeal with the dean. I suffered two ectopic pregnancies and had completed my entire first year. The last ectopic pregnancy went undetected and I was literally hours away from death. Did the law school care? No. They made their decision with zero regret. Now I am having to send in an entirely new application and submit proof of all my medical history to just get the chance to start over from the beginning. Any advice?

  12. I don’t really have any advice. I was lucky that my law school gave me a legitimate second chance and allowed me to finish school and become an attorney. If your school is making you start from the beginning you might want to consider going to a different school if that is a viable option.

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