Running a Marathon and Goals for September

My progress at losing weight has been nonexistent. Therefore, I have decided to try another tactic for losing weight. I have registered to run a marathon in November. I’ve run four previous marathons before so I know I can do it. That being said with the condition I am now in it will take some work to be able to run a marathon in November. It is actually easier to run a marathon than most people think but only giving myself two months to prepare is going to make it more of a challenge. My goal will just be to finish. My time is usually around 5 hours which is not fast but I still consider it an accomplishment. Weight loss should be a nice side effect of training for the marathon.

I’m also going to register for the February bar this month. Based on what I have seen this process will take quite a few hours. There is a $950 registration fee which I am going to hate paying but I’m hoping it will pay off in the long run. There will also be more expenses after that but since I spent thousands of dollars and four years going to law school it make sense to actually become a lawyer. And I do have some ideas for using my law degree.

Update: I forgot about one of my goals. I’m also making a goal of keeping my monthly spending – other than the bar registration fee – under $1000. I haven’t kept my spending under $1000 for a few months and I need to get my spending back to that level.