Rebates Money – Forums for Hot Deals, Finance, and Cash Back Stores

The following is a guest post from Hustler, who blogs on about bank deals, credit cards, and hot deals. He shares his story on starting a new site to provide the best Forums for all Hot Deals, Finance, Careers, Business, and more.

Over the last 4 months, and working in conjunction with a team of specialists, We have created Rebates Money – a Forum for all Hot Deals, Cash Back Stores, Finance, and many more. It’s a new beginning, I hope, to create a place to share all top deals and help you build personal financial wealth in all aspects of your life. Working with some of the best people in the business, our motto is to put the members first and to build a vibrant community with an emphasis on personal finance. In the future, we will continue to install more features to build Rebates Money to meet all your financial needs.

There are many advantages in comparison with other Deal Forums:

1. Hot Deals + Cash Back Stores combo – Other forums will make money from your sales whenever you click through their links and buy something. At Rebates Money, we will find the best deals and tell you where to get maximum cash back using our Cash Back Stores function. At our Cash Back Stores section, simply put in your favorite place to shop online, and you will find the best cash back percentage from sites such as Mr. Rebates, Ebates, ShopDiscover, and others.
2. Finance, Careers, and Business – Not only can you find all the latest bank and credit card deals, you will be able to discuss all aspects of personal finance to help you increase/retain your wealth.

How would you like to win $100? In order to have a spirited forum, we need your help to be part of our growing financial community. Simply Sign Up for membership to Rebates Money to enter the $100 promotion.We will be holding the $100 Cash Bonus drawing on November 1st using a random number generator. I look forward to see TightFistedMiser’s readers over at Rebates Money and be part of our growing community.