January 2024 Goal Review

I have set three goals to achieve in 2024. I’ll review my progress towards the goals monthly. This is the first review.

My first goal is to add $10,000 to my savings. I haven’t made any progress on this goal. I’m hoping that I will find a job this month and be able to make at least a small contribution to my savings to get this goals started.

My second goal is to lose weight. I did manage to lose six pounds in January. I’m satisfied with that progress. I’ve gone backwards so far this month, but I feel confident I can get back on track and make more progress on this goal

My third goal is to run a half marathon or marathon. I didn’t really make any progress on this goal last month. I have joined a gym this month and aim to run on the treadmill most days. I’ve got a long way to go on this goal. I will make progress this month.

I’m off to a slow start on meeting my goals. That was expected since I was in Thailand in January. Living there helps my goal of losing weight, but it doesn’t help my other two goals. I will make better progress this month.

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