March Expenses – $1350.02

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for March.


March’s expenses were quite reasonable considering that I traveled to Thailand during the last part of the month.

Entertainment expense was for an Amazon Prime subscription, 4 weeks of a WSJ online subscription, a Netflix gift card and a movie visit that was mostly covered with free gift cards.

Rent was $274.10. This was for my wife’s apartment plus one month’s rent for an apartment for my stepdaughter. The rent for my wife’s room also includes what I paid for utilities for the month. Next month this will be cheaper since my stepdaughter will be returning home resulting in my only having to pay for one apartment in April.

Transportation was $59.18 for a couple tanks of gas, This will be even lower this month. My only transportation expense will be a couple tanks of gas for my wife’s motorbike.

My food expense was $169.49. That is pretty good since I was paying for 3 people for the last week of the month. My food expense will go up this month since I’ll be paying for 3 people all month. It will still be quite cheap considering it is for 3 people though.

Utilities were $243.75 This was higher than normal due to the quarterly trash bill being due during the month.

My phone bill was $106.03. This was high because I finished paying off the phone I had finance through Google Fi. I also signed up for local service in Thailand. This month I should finally have a very low phone bill. I’ll probably pay about $10 for another month’s Thai phone service.

The household expense was for a haircut, postage, and a variety of household supplies that my wife needed.

I spent $4.66 on some over the counter medicine. This total will be higher this month as I plan on signing up for a monthly gym membership this month.

Travel expense includes $125.53 for airfare from Buriram to Chiang Mai. I originally had a bus ticket purchased for this trip. The 14 hour bus ride from Chiang Mai to Buriram killed my back so I splurged for a plane ticket back. I spent $27.57 for one night’s hotel in Buriram. I spent $91.47 on various shuttles and taxis. My wife’s village is over an hour away from Buriram and there is no public transportation there so I have to pay up for a private shuttle or taxi ride to get there.

I provided $154 of support to my wife.

I’m guessing this month’s expenses will probably be about the same.

How was your month?

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