2022 Goals Update

I intended to post more frequent updates on these. Now that the year is almost 3/4 over, I’m finally posting an update. My goals for 2022 were: 1. To weigh 170 pounds 2. Hike the remaining VT section of the AT or Katy Trail 3. Make $30,000 or more for the year.

Not surprisingly, considering the lack of attention I have given these goals, I’m not on track to meet any of them.

At this point it isn’t realistic for me to weight 170 pounds by the end of the year. I currently weigh 206 pounds. Getting down to 170 would likely require an unsustainable amount of exercise and calorie restriction. Earlier this year, I got my weight down to 188 pounds. I’m going to make getting down to 188 pounds or less by the end of the year my new goal.

I think that is attainable. I’ll be going back to Thailand at the end of this month and I do much better at losing weight when I’m in Thailand. Unfortunately, when I’m in the U.S. I rapidly regain all of the weight I lost while in Thailand. Part of that is because I don’t sleep well which leads to me not exercising and eating junk food. The next time I get back from Thailand I’m going to change my environment so I can hopefully sleep better. Although, I got a new mattress just a couple of years ago I might buy another one to see if that helps my sleep.

I never had time to hike the VT section of the Appalachian Trail or the Katy Trail. This is because I was working almost all of the time I was not in Thailand. I don’t feel bad about not completing this goal since it was more important for me to work and make money than hike.

So far this year I’ve made approximately $13k. This makes it quite unlikely I’ll make the $30k goal. Even though I have mostly been working when not in Thailand, I just don’t make enough to meet this goal. I need to find a way to make decent money while I’m in Thailand to have a shot of at least getting somewhat close to this goal.

I’m not going to cut back on how much time I spend in Thailand to increase my income though. I enjoy my time in Thailand too much and I want to be with my wife as much as possible. Since I live frugally, my modest income is sufficient to pay all my expenses and still save money every year.

This will probably be the only update on my 2022 goals. I’ll post the results at the end of the year sometime.

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