June Expenses – $1730.37

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.


My June expenses were high which was expected since I was in Thailand for most of the month.

Entertainment expense was for a New York Times digital subscription, one month of Hulu at 99 cents, and a couple of movie visits with concessions. That was a lot of entertainment for the price.

The mortgage payment was my regular mortgage payment. I also had a month’s rent for the apartment I’m staying in with my wife here in Thailand.

Transportation was for taxis in Thailand and one tank of gas in the U.S. The high gas prices didn’t affect me much in Thailand since I didn’t drive anywhere. They still shouldn’t have much of a direct effect on me since I work at home and don’t drive much.

My food expense was very reasonable since I was often paying for two people. This expense was reduced a lot by eating more local food and just watching what I spent more carefully.

My phone bill was $28.94. It will probably be a little higher this month.

The household expense was for laundry, miscellaneous household items, and a couple items for my Thai wedding.

Health expense was for one month’s health insurance premium, some over the counter meds, and refills of my prescription meds.

Travel expense includes three nights hotel in Thailand, a long-distance shuttle in Thailand from the local airport to my wife’s village and back, a couple of short taxi rides in Thailand, and a tip for my hotel shuttle driver back in the U.S.

The big expense was spending $770.20 on gifts and charity. Most of this was for sin sod which is the Thai version of a dowry.

This month’s expenses should be lower since I plan on working at home and not going anywhere all month.

How was your month?

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