April Expenses – $1501.16

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.


My April expenses were a bit higher than normal. This was expected since I traveled to Thailand towards the end of the month.

Entertainment expense was for a New York Times digital subscription, one month of Hulu at 99 cents, a day tour for 2 in Phuket, and 3 movie visits. That was a lot of entertainment for the price.

The mortgage payment was my regular mortgage payment.

Transportation was for taxis and songtaews in Thailand. I didn’t have to put any gas in my car before I left for Thailand and I don’t have a car here in Thailand so this expense won’t be too high.

My food expense was reasonable considering I was also buying food for my girlfriend during the last week of the month. This expense will be higher this month since I’ll be buying food for two and almost all meals will be restaurant meals.

My phone bill was $25.62. It will be a little higher this month because I’m using my data more often.

The household expense was for a fee paid to the U.S Consulate to get my affidavit of freedom to marry certified, a VPN fee, a partial trash bill, and many other small things for me and my girlfriend. I spent $203.58 on gifts and charity. This was for sending money to my girlfriend. She had to quarantine for 10 days due to testing positive for Covid and couldn’t work during that time.

Health expense was for one month’s health insurance premium and some over the counter medication.

Travel expense included airfare from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, 2 round trip tickets from Chiang Mai to Phuket, one night hotel in Chicago, 3 nights hotel in Phuket, and the annual fee on my IHG card. It also include transportation to and from airports and hotels.

This month’s expense will be higher since I’m paying for two people. It will possibly be a lot higher depending on the timing of an upcoming large expense.

How was your month?

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