October Expenses – $2269.33

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for October.


My October Expenses were quite high. This was due to two large expenses in the health and travel categories.

Entertainment expense was for two months digital subscription to the New York Times, one month of Peacock, one month of Amazon Prime, one month of Paramount Plus, a visit to the movies, and some books. I’ll eventually cut out one or two of the online streaming services.

The mortgage payment was my regular mortgage payment.

Transportation was $102.69. This was all for gas.

My food expense was a little over budget. Food costs have gone up a bit this year so I might need to up this budget.

My phone bill was $35.88. It was a little higher this month since I used quite a bit of data while in Spain.

The household expense was for socks, deodorant, and cotton balls.

Health expense was for my monthly gym dues, a copay of $673.01 for ear surgery and $70 for a dentist visit. I’ve had significant hearing loss since I was a child. I decided to have a surgical procedure to see if some of my hearing can be restored. It is still too early to determine if the surgery was successful at restoring my hearing.

Travel expense was my other big expense for the month. I canceled my round trip ticket to Tokyo. I was going to fly from there on a separate ticket to Bangkok. I decided since I wouldn’t be able to enter Tokyo it was best to cancel that ticket and book one ticket all the way from the US to Bangkok. This reduces the chance that a travel restriction or something will keep me from being able to make my flight. The new ticket cost $780.87. I usually get better flight deals than that, but I didn’t want to wait for a deal this time. This is still an affordable ticket for me.

I’m going to have more travel expenses this month. I’ve got to buy special covid travel insurance, buy a covid PCR test before departure to Bangkok, and book a special hotel room with covid test upon arrival to Bangkok. There are also Thai visa fees and other small expenses. Due to that this month will also be an expensive month.

How was your month?

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