Healthy Wage Weight Loss Bet – Update 1

I intend to provide monthly updates on my progress on weight loss bet with (affiliate link) HealthyWage. I’m a little late for the first update.

My bet was that I would lose 29 pounds in six months. The six months started on June 14th. My initial weigh in was 218 pounds and I now weigh 210.4 pounds. That is behind where I should be. To be on track my weight should be at 209.8 or lower.

The last half of June I did a two-week hike on the Appalachian Trail. That gave me a great start on my weight loss. My weight was down to 207.4 in early July. Unfortunately, since then I have gained weight. I’ve been very inconsistent with exercising and eating healthy. I’ve got to make some changes if I am going to reach my weight loss goal and win my bet with HealthyWage (affiliate link).

Starting now I am going to track my food using MyFitnessPal. Also, I will have some form of exercise every day. I’ve been eating fast food almost every day which is not helping me lose weight. I’m not going to have fast food again until Monday when I’ll be out of town most of the day. After that I’ll make a new plan for limiting my fast food intake. In a week I will see what progress has resulted from these changes and determine what additional changes need to be made.

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