June Income – $1280.25

Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Amazon FBA$25.7
Bank/Other Bonus$160
Online Income$0
Ebay/Other Selling$320.05
State Tax Refunds$310

This post was updated since I originally forgot to include my state tax returns.

June’s income was modest once again. This wasn’t surprising since I was out of town for half of the month. Income was still higher than expenses so I won’t complain.

I received $310 from amending my MO and KS state tax returns to reflect that the first $10,200 of unemployment income was not taxable. I’m still waiting on about a $1000 federal tax refund from the unemployment change.

I made $390.03 from a short doc review job.

My Amazon FBA side hustle made a teeny tiny bit of money. I’m doing most of my selling on eBay now.

Dividend income came in at $38.41. If you sign up using my Robinhood referral link we will both get one share of free stock. Thanks to anyone who signs up using my link. Every little bit helps.

I made $320.05 selling stuff on eBay and elsewhere. I spent some time buying stuff from garage sales and flipping it online. I enjoy doing this and plan to do a lot more of it this month.

I received $0 in cash back income. It is unusual for me to not make any cash back income. I’ve already got some cash back income coming this month. If you sign up for Rakuten using my referral link you can start earning cash back too and I’ll get a small bonus for referring you. These little bits of referral income help me keep the blog going.

My online/blog income was $0. That is pretty much the norm now.

I received $36.06 in interest. I received a $100 bonus from Fidelity for opening a brokerage account and $50 from BBVA for opening a checking account. I was probably one of the last people to not have a Venmo account. Venmo offered a $10 bonus for signing up so now I’ve finally got a Venmo account.

This month’s income is uncertain. I want to see if I can make a decent income from selling on eBay and elsewhere. How was your month?

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