July Income – $4935.87

Here is a breakdown of my income for July.

Amazon FBA$129.62
Focus Group$125
Ebay/Other Selling$271.72

My income for July was great.

My Amazon FBA side hustle made a profit for the third month in a row. I think I’ve got it back on the right track.

Dividend income came in at $15.86. If you sign up using my Robinhood referral link we will both get one share of free stock. Thanks to anyone who signs up using my link. Every little bit helps.

I made $1588.84 from my job. I was hired back during the month and received two paychecks.

I made $271.72 selling stuff on eBay and locally. I also got $48.25 in cashback and made $125 from a focus group.

Online income was negative since I had to pay for a domain name renewal and didn’t have any income.

Unemployment was the biggest contributor to my income in July. This should be the last month that I collect unemployment for a while. I was hired back at my job in the second half of the month. If the job ends again, I’m going to try to make my income from selling things.

Income for this month will be a little lower since I won’t be getting unemployment. Income once again greatly exceed expenses so I can’t complain.

How was your month?

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