July Expenses – $876.26

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for July.

Student Loan$14

My June expenses were very low. I had low expenses in almost all of my expense categories.

I once again didn’t have any entertainment expense at all. They might open the movie theaters this month and I might attend a show. If not, this category will probably be $0 again

Transportation was all for gas. I made a trip to Kansas City and a couple trips to Springfield resulting in more gas use than normal. I’m starting this month with an almost full tank of gas so this month should be even cheaper.

I paid $14 towards my student loan.

My food expense went way down. I was busy most of the month and didn’t have time to go out to eat as often as I usually do. This expense will probably stay about the same unless I’m able to travel a little. Eating at home saved me a lot of money. I’m able to spend so little on food because my mom buys groceries. I just buy my meals out or any special groceries that I want.

My phone bill was normal. It will usually be within a couple dollars of this total.

My health expense was $92.53 for a dentist visit and a refill of my blood pressure meds.

Household expense was mainly the first month’s internet bill at the new house and a deposit for electric service in our new house. .

The rent expense was only $410. This consisted of paying for a repair on the old house and paying for three month’s trash service at the new house.

Travel expense was $0. I’m still hoping to do some domestic travel. If that works out, I’ll have some travel expense this month.

This month may be a low expense month again. If I’m able to travel or I decide to pay extra on the mortgage then I’ll spend a little bit more.

How was your month?

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