April Income – $4029.15

Here is a breakdown of my income for April.

Amazon FBA($0.33)
Online $102.97
Amazon Merch$4.42
Mystery Shop$7.00
Class Action$22

My income for April was down a bit compared to the previous month, but still quite solid. Considering my expenses were only $616 for the month, my income to expense ratio was great.

My Amazon FBA side hustle again made negative income for the month. Amazon isn’t allowing non -essential items to be sent in right now, and the few items I do have in stock aren’t selling. Once things open up again I’ll send in my remaining items.

Dividend income was down a bit. I sold some of my dividend stocks in my taxable account so that I could max out my Roth IRA account for 2019. That also allowed me to harvest some capital losses. Due to the sale my dividend income will go down more until I can buy some more stocks again. If you sign up using my Robinhood referral link we will both get one share of free stock. Thanks to anyone who signs up using my link. Every little bit helps.

I made $102.97 in online income from hitting the payout threshold for Adsense. That might be my only online income for the year. The domain name for Investorzblog.com is up for renewal this month. I’m considering letting it expire. If anyone is interested in purchasing the domain let me know.

Job income was down quite a bit since my tax job ended on April 16th. Although the tax filing deadline was extended my company didn’t extend the end date of my seasonal position. I was also out of work for a couple of weeks at my full-time job due to the general economic slowdown. I’m back at work now and my current project should last almost all this month. Hopefully, there will be another project after that.

The stimulus check added $1200 to my income. I got paid $7 for one mystery shop, $4.42 from Amazon Merch and I received $22 from a random class action settlement. None of those sources of income should repeat this month.

Income for this month will likely be down a little since I will only have one job. Income should still greatly exceed expenses so I can’t complain.

How was your month?

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