April Expenses – $616.09

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.


My April expenses were extremely low. This might be the lowest expense month I’ve had in the over 10 years I’ve tracked my expenses here on the blog. I was easily able to keep my total expenses under my $1000 a month target. Working at home and sheltering in place made it easy to not spend money.

I didn’t have any entertainment expense at all this month. My usual form of entertainment is going to the movies and that wasn’t possible in April leading to zero spending on entertainment. They might open movie theaters back up this month. I’m not sure if I will go if they do open. If not, there is a good chance I’ll have no entertainment expense again this month.

Transportation expense was for $37.25 of gas and $1 for a car wash. This month will probably be about the same. It might be even lower since I’m doing so little driving now.

My travel expense for the month was $8.80. This was the annual fee on my IHG credit card minus a refund of taxes and fees from a canceled plane ticket. Paying the annual fee on my IHG card entitles me to a free hotel night. I have a year to use the free night so I’ll surely be able to find a good use of it in that time.

My food expense was ridiculously low. I had a good stock of groceries to start the month. That combined with not being able to go out to eat saved me a lot of money. This expense will probably be a little bit higher this month. The current situation has allowed me to finally get my food spending under control.

My phone bill was a tiny bit lower than normal. Working from home allowed me to use wifi all the time rather than my phone’s data lowering my phone bill a little bit. My phone bill will usually be in the $28-$35 range and I expect it be in that range this month.

My health expense was $10.99 for two refills of my blood pressure medicine. I had a doctor visit during the month. I think it qualified as my free annual checkup. If I get a bill for that this month, then this expense will be higher. If not, this expense will probably be $0 this month.

Household expense was $3 for laundry.

This month I expect my expenses will go up slightly, but I should easily keep my expenses under $1000. How was your month?

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