August Income – $3533.90

Here is a breakdown of my income for August.

Interest $5.27
Amazon FBA $22.17
Job $3153.62
Cash Back $27.05
Dividends $0.22
Uber $2.66
Credit Card Other $175
Online Income $0
Mystery Shopping $0
Selling Stuff $147.91
Total $3533.90

August’s income was pretty good. I got 5 paychecks from my document review job since there were 5 Fridays in August. I was also able to work one weekend making time and a half which increased my pay quite a bit.

My other sources of income only added up to about $380.  When you consider my other sources of income were more than enough to pay for my food, transportation, phone, and entertainment expenses for the month it does make the other sources of income sound more substantial.

I won’t be tracking my savings rate this month since I did a lot of moving money around to different accounts making it difficult to determine my real savings rate. I will track my months of expenses saved instead. I only count the money I have saved in my IRAs and 401ks for this purposes. I have about $60,000 saved in those accounts. If I were able to continue to replicate this month’s expenses of $947.19 that would mean I have 63.34 months of expenses saved.

This month’s income will be down significantly since I will be in SE Asia and not working. I hope I will be able to figure out a way to make some money while I’m over there. If not, I will just make a tiny bit of money from my non-job sources of income.


2 thoughts on “August Income – $3533.90”

  1. Good luck in Thailand!

    I’ve heard that certain products can be much more expensive in certain areas of the world vs US. I remember one digital nomad telling me electronics were ridiculously expensive in South America (like double price for laptops. Ipads). If you do a little research on this before leaving, maybe you can bring an “extra laptop” (or whatever is more expensive in Thailand) and make a few bucks reselling it once you’re settled in. This guy I spoke to never pushed his luck with customs, but he didn’t need to explain why he had an Ipad and a laptop with him and could sell one for nearly double price.


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