August Expenses – $947.19

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for August.

Household $61.29
Rent $435
Entertainment $55.99
Transportation $162.74
Food $112.51
Travel $40.27
Phone $24.66
Health $44.38
Student Loan $0
Total $947.19

My August expenses were nice and low. I actually made my target of less than $1000 in expenses for the month.  I think using the EveryDollar (not an affiliate link) budget app did help me keep my expenses even lower than normal.

My household expense consisted of $50.29 for an Ancestry DNA kit and $11 for a gift.

Rent is self-explanatory. Utilities are included with my apartment rent. I don’t have to pay for them separately.

Entertainment was completely for movies and for food at the movies. I should stop getting food at the movies since it is a terrible value and not healthy.

Transportation was entirely for gasoline. My document review job was about a 30 minute commute each way which results in a larger than normal gas bill. Also, I visited my Mom in southern Missouri which used up a little over a tank of gas.

Food consisted of $30.42 spent on groceries and $82.09 spent on fast food. This was a lot lower total than the previous month as I cut way back on my fast food spending. I still ate fast food 15 times in August which is way to much. I need to cut that back to once or twice a week at most. This month I’ll be traveling in Malaysia and Thailand so I’ll be eating out all of the time which will likely result in a larger food bill.

Travel was for a cheap flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Phone was about $24.66 for my usual Google Fi phone bill. I used a little less data than usual since my phone wasn’t working for a few days of the month.

Health included $25 for a doctor visit co-pay, $19.38 for 2 prescription refills, and $10.35 for my monthly fitness center fee.

This month’s expenses will probably be a little higher since I’ll be traveling in SE Asia. I won’t have any rent or gasoline expense though so maybe everything will balance out to be about the same.

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